How Would You Like To Maximise Your Revenue By Filling Your Empty Diary With Bookings On Demand And With Predictability From High Paying Clients?

The best part is … As a hair stylists and beauty service provider, you can literally break away from your competition in this heavily competitive industry without even worrying about costly marketing.

If that’s what you would like to do, then you’ll want to read this case study right now.

According to the recent statistics, most hair and beauty service providers are experiencing major problems.

This is due to a multitude of factors. First, new clients are increasingly hard to get. Second, the economic dip has affected many clients spending appetite. Third, more and more service providers are entering the industry, making your competition even worse.

If you’re like most hair and beauty service providers, you’ve recently noticed a dramatic decrease in new client’s intake.

More and more hair stylists and beauty service providers are giving chunk of their profits away by offering up to 85% discount on deals sites like Treatwell, Groupon, Livingsocial, Wowcher, etc. And the deal sites still take about 50% of the sale proceed.

At the end of the day, you service a client for 1 – 2 hours and end with nothing.

The most annoying part is… these clients do not even come back or even in worse cases, they leave bad reviews on Google and on social media.

Let’s be honest, you can’t run a real business without paying for advertising. To survive and thrive in any business… small or large… you’ve absolutely got to advertise.

But there are tons of PROBLEMS with trusted sources of advertising, they have either stopped working or too expensive.

  • Local print newspaper readership is falling
  • Flyer and Leaflets are getting attention, now regarded as junk
  • Radio adverting is expensive
  • Most paid sources have become very expensive: The more people you want to reach, the more money you end up paying. But bigger ads don’t always produce the biggest response!
  • If you’re in a competitive market like hair and beauty industry, your paid ads are competing with lots of other ads for the same space – some ads are run by salons with deeper pockets and bigger budgets.

Most businesses have relied on business directories like for new clients, but they could not even track the performance of their listings to justify the monthly fee to keep their salons listed.

But a recent survey showed that 90% of new clients stated that a salon website played little or no role in their decision to choose a service provider. This means the thousands of pounds spent each month on traditional advertising has little or no contribution to overall profits.

But despite these setbacks across the industry some businesses are earning more profits than ever while spending much lesser on marketing.

No matter where your salon is located, and no matter what condition it’s in, you can attract high paying clients in droves… using the underutilised, but most effective and efficient marketing technique I’ll be showing you.

Imagine what your business would look like if you had at least one client per day…

That’s exactly what happened to the businesses that are currently using this exceptional marketing strategy. They have significantly increase their new client base…

With the digital revolution going on right now, The world is changing, the technology is changing and people are changing.

We are truly living in the age of video.

According to Vidyard, the average human attention span is only 8 seconds long!

It’s harder than ever to retain your visitors’ attention for longer than a minute.

When it comes to grabbing (and keeping) the attention of people who are being bombarded by distractions whenever they go online…


Video is an incredibly compelling way to engage with people and market online as well as to pass on your message in a powerful and effective way.

Viewers are 90% more likely to buy a product or use a service after viewing a video.

Just one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million written words!

According To Forbes (The most trusted source on the net)…

By 2019, video will make up more than 80% of internet traffic!! (…that’s almost 4 out of every 5 buyers coming to you through video).

Viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a video.

Any light bulbs going off for you? (AHA!)

The truth every smart business owners already know is…


More than 70% of all internet traffic is Video

90% of users find videos helpful in making purchase decisions.

If you’re getting ignored by your target audience or struggling to engage ideal clients or make enough revenue?

If you want to survive as a business long term and blow your competition away, then it’s critical to mesmerize viewers by using unique, captivating and attention grabbing quick videos that hooks potential clients in like never before.

The answer is VERY simple. Whatever service provide, your potential clients are online, and they’re searching for services and offers right now.

You need to integrate video marketing into your marketing plan.

Video marketing gets your business found easily on the 2 largest search engines on the planet – Google and YouTube.

The first place people look to find a salon is online… potential clients search online and make decisions before ever stepping into your door. To grow your business, your business needs to adapt to stay relevant.

They moment your potential clients want something, they depend on their devices to learn, discover, find and buy things. If your salon does not show up when they are looking, it may as well be invisible.

Right now, potential clients are searching online for what your services.

So in Google, people type in based on what they’re looking for.

beauty salon in Canary Wharf, nail salon in Wimbledon

These are all examples of things that potential clients would be typing in.

When you do a Google search, what do you see?

When someone types in “hair stylist in my area” on Google, the chances are they’re looking for a hair stylist.

Take a look at yourself. Where are you in local search?

Are you showing up in the search engine when a potential client type in {your business/your service} in {your area}? Or Are you no where to be found?

So, if you want new clients and maximise your revenue, the instant and the most efficient way to get your business stand out is to get your business video top rankings on Google and YouTube.

You’ll never, ever find an easier way to dominate Google rankings and YouTube!

Rankings like this… will bring you… INSTANT FREE TARGETED clients.

You can leverage Google and YouTube for the MASSIVE visibility and exposure.

This is YOUR perfect opportunity to remain top of mind to make sure they keep coming back to do business with you.

Video is engaging and it positions you as the authority.

It’s no secret now that video is the best way to grab and hold attention.

It has a magical effect on your viewers and customers.

  1. Video grabs attention
  2. Video keeps attention
  3. Video converts attention into action

Especially, quick videos that are proven to get the most views and clicks.

We also found out that not only videos rank better than websites, but the traffic converts 10x better!

Your competitors won’t stand a chance against you!

In fact, you can see a 157% INCREASE in organic traffic by including videos on your site – according to Marketing Sherpa.

According to Hubspot… Incorporating video into your marketing, content and social media activity is no longer an option.

It’s downright CRITICAL to your business’ survival and long-term success!

When it comes to attracting and getting new clients online, the competition is downright FIERCE.

Videos are now used as instruments top maximise visibility, awareness, engagements and captivate attention on your websites, blogs, Social media – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Infomercials, local listings, upcoming promotions and events, and more – quickly and easily!

Now, let me ask you this? What is the #1 reason why most hair stylist and beauty service providers like yourself compete on prices and fail to grow?

It’s simply because you don’t have the state of art marketing plan that clearly set you apart from your competition. In fact, you don’t even know how to market your salon online.

Think about how much your business would change if you could feel up your empty diary with clients’ bookings, will that significantly boost your revenue from the business?

Imagine for a moment, would you rather wake up knowing fully well that your days would be busy working with your high value clients or would you rather wake up and fit some unplanned shopping errand knowing fully well that your dairy is almost empty for the day? Do want to continue running your business like that?

Do you feel like you’re constantly struggling to get your dairy filled, feeling burnt out because you’re always having to worry about…  “What if a client cancel an appointment and the spot remains unfilled?”

The key is to create a predictable clients system that grow your revenue.

And if you could make this system work for your business;

#You could have a fast growth, highly scalable business

# You can put your competitors out of business by dominating the marketplace

Now the best thing about this predictable clients system is

that it:

1).  targets clients who are ready to pay for your service

2).  It works with ANY budget

3).  It’s based on PROVEN results

Now in the hair and beauty business, I’m sure you’ve noticed that service providers fall into one of these two categories:

1). Grinders – People who make some money sometimes and no money most of the time or who spend way too much time making too little…

2).  Rainmakers –  People who are absolutely crushing it, making more and more money and spending less and less time.

What is it that makes the some hair and beauty experts dominate the industry, open new salon across the city and multiple their revenue while other hair stylists and beauty providers make less than they could in a full time job and struggle to make rent?

After talking to and studying hundreds of hair stylists and beauty professionals and being in this industry for 5 years, I have realized that the rainmakers have two key things in place while the grinders have only 1 of the two or sometimes none.

And the truth is that if you have both of these things in place in your hair and beauty business, it becomes very easy and predictable to attract new clients in droves and maximise your revenue.

Well the best way I can explain this to you is with the

story of how the Wright Brothers invented the world’s first flying aeroplane.

Back in 1903, the race was on all around the world to invent the first plane that could fly and most people became utterly obsessed with “the engine”.

People started building larger and larger engines with more and more horsepower and strapping them to planes completely ignoring the aerodynamics and the wings.

Well this resulted in some of the fanciest more powerful

engines the world had ever seen but it also resulted in planes that couldn’t get off the ground and were great to look at but completely useless.

The Wright Brothers took a different approach, while the

whole world obsessed with engines the wright brothers obsessed with the plane and its aerodynamics.  They first focussed on a plane that could glide WITHOUT an engine and then when they had the recipe right, they strapped an ordinary engine to it and walla! The world’s first flying plane was invented.

Now I want you to pause for a moment and let this next point really sink in because it’s a big one and it’s almost the exact opposite to what everybody else out there is feeding you.

Today in the hair and beauty industry, we are repeating history of the engine obsession.

Most hair stylists and beauty salons are obsessed with the fancist website design and completely ignoring the working client acquisition system that attract their ideal clients.

Most stylists and beauticians are obsessed and frenzied over the latest Facebook tricks, the new way to get more people to see your posts or the latest Instagram feature when in reality they are strapping a larger and more powerful engine to a fundamentally flawed plane.

Now remember how I told you that the stylists and beauticians who are killing it have two things in place that the grinders and struggle bunnies don’t?

Well those two things are:

1).  High quality, converting sources of targeted clients which we have already discussed

2).  A system that will convert that strangers into high paying clients who keep coming back

Now let’s get down to business and show you exactly how you can get a predictable system for generating high value clients in your business, starting today.

There’s only two things that matter in a hair and beauty business and they are:

Well it starts with targeting the right client with the right message that strikes a nerve and generates a response.  We do this by calling out your ideal clients and speaking about their current needs in a vivid detailed way that makes them feel like you are the perfect service providers they have been looking for all these while.

The result of executing this correctly is that you will have a predictable way to generate 5, 10, 20 new high-ticket clients week after week.

And the best part?  You will know down to the penny and day how your business and marketing efforts will perform.  You will finally have the accelerator pedal that moves your business forward when and where you need it.

Cracking the code.

To execute this predictable clients system correctly you need to get these four things in alignment and I refer to this as “cracking the code”.

The 4 things are: Message – Market – Media – System

When you have these four things in alignment you can unlock the code and literally have some amazing results just like my clients have experienced.

Now again, you have to have the right system to be able to do this and get these results and you can do it the hard way which is like going up to the lock and trying to guess the code, but you know there are more than 10,000 possible combinations to a 4 digit lock?  Well you can try crack it yourself and who knows maybe you will find a combination that works in a year or two or three but most probably never.

Or.  You can do it the easy way and just get the code to unlock it and get the results immediately and that’s what I do all day in my own business and for my clients and their businesses.

Well by now you’re probably thinking: How can I get a predictable system in my business that can generate 5, 10, 20 new ideal clients every single week?

This is perfect for you if you are looking to:

  • Scale your business
  • Increase your fees
  • Make your competition irrelevant
  • And attract high value ticket clients in a predictable way

Because right now, we’re looking for a “dream” client that we can bring in massive windfalls for.

Would You Like Us To Bring 5 Or More New Clients With Money To Your Business This Week… For Free?

If you’re that client, we will personally work with you one-on-one in a marketing strategy session to help you get these kinds of massive results that we’ve shared with you to double, triple, or maybe even quadruple your revenue.

The first thing we’re going to do for you is to personally help you create a strategic plan for generating new clients. This marketing strategy sessions will take around 30 minutes and we’ll be helping you identify what you’ve already got and helping you put together a strategy to dramatically grow your business by 3, 4 even 5x without increasing the amount of time you spend in your business.

At the end of this initial planning session one of these two things will happen:

  1. You love the plan and decide to implement it on your own.

If this is the case, We’ll wish you the best of luck and ask that you keep in touch with us to let me know how you’re doing.

  1. You love the plan and ask to become our client so we can personally help you execute, maximize, and profit from it ASAP.

If that’s the case, we’ll knock it out of the park …And that’s a promise. Every single one of my clients gets results. Literally. Every. Single. One.

It really is that simple and there’s no catch.

Think about this.

The best that can happen is you walk away with strategic

plan to leap over your competition and get new clients in droves or we work together one on one to increase revenue and profit several times over.

Here’s how it’ll work:

First, we get on the phone one on one and go over your business.

We take a look at what you’ve got, what you’re doing, and what you want to achieve going forward.

Once we have those “raw materials”, we help you come up with

a strategic plan of action to immediately attract new clients and increase your profits dramatically.

And like I said, there’s no charge for this.

So you’ll see the value by the time we hang up the phone –

without ever spending a dime.

And look. If you don’t want to become a client, don’t worry

about it. You won’t get any sales pitch or pressure from me of any kind, ever.

In fact, here’s my “GIANT BALLS PROMISE” to you:

Now, obviously this is an amazing offer which you’ll probably never see from any other “Client Acquisition Expert” in the world.

Think about it.

I’m personally generating a profit-plan for you up front – for free – and then letting you pay me later if (and only if) you decide to work together long term.

Who Else Would Do That?

NOBODY. (I checked).

But I’m happy to put it on the line like this because our consulting clients always get great results.

Our stuff works, and I know that if we work together, you’ll make money.

This Is NOT For Everybody. Here’s Who We CAN Help:

In order to invest our time and energy, you need to meet some strict (but reasonable) criteria.

Here it is:

1.We do not work with anyone who shares customer data with high pressure “phone rooms” to sell overpriced services, opportunities, or anything similar.

We only work with “clean” businesses and refuse to help anyone harm consumers in any way.

  1. You’ve got to actually have a business.

You actually need to have an existing business … and running already and simply want to run a lot faster and a lot farther. 

  1. You must have a desire to have a marketing plan. 

You don’t have to be “everywhere” or “huge” …we just need you to be PRESENT in your market. 

  1. You must have solid services and a good reputation. 

Everything we do together will not only be bringing you more clients, revenue, and profits, but we’ll be doing it in a way that creates MASSIVE goodwill in your market. 

And in order for us to do that, you need to have your act together. 

In other words, you need to be legit. 

  1. You MUST have the capacity to serve new clients effectively 

That’s it! Those are all my requirements.

As long as you’re legitimate and have an actual business, we’d be delighted to help you …starting today.

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

If you meet the criteria above and would like to talk to us personally about getting you incredible results, then we’ll happily set aside some time for you.

Here’s how the process works:

First, you’ll need to fill in an application. Don’t worry, it’s simple and unobtrusive.

We just need to know what you’re offering, get an idea of what you want to accomplish, determine if we might* be a good fit and if we can help you generate those results and so forth.

Now once I receive your application you will be able to schedule a time with me to conduct your strategy session and this is where we will really start working together to figure out what you want and how to make it happen in the fastest time possible and with predictability. We can answer your questions (and ask you a few more as well).

This is where we really begin working to figure out exactly what you want …and how to make it happen.

If you see the value in becoming high level client, great! We can talk about it.

(By the way – we’ve never had anyone feel like their time was wasted. EVER. That’s why we can make this offer. We DELIVER. Would anyone else take such a risk?)

You will receive an insanely valuable strategy session and will walk away with new found clarity as to where you are right now and what’s holding you back from achieving the results that you want.  That together with the exact next steps necessary to take action and break through your barriers.  It will likely be the most valuable 30 minutes you invest in your business this year. So go ahead and complete your application now and we will see if we’re a good fit for doing business together.


This opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense one-on-one time needed in order to provide you with results.

Therefore, it is physically impossible for me to work with more than a handful of people.

Also, you should realise there’s a very large demand for personal one-on-one help from me, and what I’m offering to you is unprecedented.

So with that being said, please understand that this window of opportunity won’t be available for long and what I have found is those who have the ability to make decisions and act quickly are the most likely to get results and most likely to become my best clients and crush it together for years to come.

If you feel like this is right for you, go ahead and apply right now to see if you qualify, leave your application and let’s talk.


Talk soon,

Olu @ Venchure